A Great Father’s Day Grilled Steak

Gourmet BBQ Steak Dinner

Most Dads love garlic – This is a great steak to grill for Dad on Father’s, or any day for that matter. Marinade with tons of garlic, olive oil and black pepper for several hours, preferably over night. Use pan-roasted garlic cloves to top the steak after grilling. Spoon a bit of Balsamic vinegar over the finished steak. Want some bite. you could add a bit of cayenne pepper.

Start with best steaks for grilling. Those cuts of steak that are tender with an abundance of fat marbling. Steaks like Porterhouse, T-Bone, Ribeye and New York Steaks. Make sure they are USDA Choice quality. USDA Prime will even be better.


Video Directions