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When you crave a nice juicy steak, you conjure-up visions of grilling on the patio. Either that or thinking of visiting your favorite steakhouse. The best steaks for dry-heat cooking (grilling or broiling), are those cut from the rib, short loin or tenderloin sections of beef.

Ribeye. Tenderloin Filet. New York Strip. Porterhouse and T-Bone Steaks are the best. The T-Bone and Porterhouse are steaks with bonus value because both include a New York Strip and a Filet Mignon separated by their t-shaped bone. What determines a great steak is tenderness and taste. Steaks are muscles and the muscles that get the least exercise while cattle is alive are therefore the most tender of steaks.

Taste is enhanced by fat marbling and those steaks have abundant flecks of fat distributed within the lean. When cooking, heat melts the fat and seeps into the lean giving it a buttery flavor. An exception is Filet Tenderloin which has very little fat, yet is the most tender of all steaks. A filet of tenderloin is sometimes called Filet Mignon.  It is the ideal steak for those that are concerned about fat intake.


These Steaks Are Not Ideal For Grilling

Chuck Steaks, Round Steaks, Blade Steaks and even Bottom Sirloin Steaks are not good steaks for quick grilling or broiling. Generally they have little fat and are very tough because they are derived from muscles that get a great deal of exercise. Flank Steaks are somewhat tender and have adequate flecks of fat and are great for fajitas.

When tough steaks are marinated for a several hours or preferably overnight, they can be enjoyable to eat because marinade acts as a tenderizer. They will be more tender when cooked rare or medium rare. The less done a steak is, the more tender it will be.

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