What Is Dry Heat Cooking?

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Dry heat cooking is what the name implies. No moisture, steam, broth, water, wine or any other liquid is needed. Dry heat cooking methods include grilling, pan-fying and broiling and baking in an oven. It even includes deep-fat frying. It requires very high heat to brown, crust or char meat particularly cuts of steak and roast. Dry heat refers to a quick process of cooking steaks. It also applies to the slow roasting of roasts. Steaks are merely slices of roast.

In summary, dry heat cooking usually involves very high heat at temperatures at above 300 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve short cooking time. With some tougher cuts of meat such as Brisket, low direct dry heat over several hours is necessary to achieve tenderness.


Dry Heat Is The Method For Cooking The Best Cuts

The best cuts of steak and beef roasts for dry heat cooking are generally those cuts of steak or roast derived from the rib, short loin and tenderloin sections of beef as well as some cuts from the sirloin and other sections of beef. Included would be Ribeye, New York Strip, Porterhouse, T-bone and Tenderloin Filet Steaks as well as Prime Rib and Tenderloin Roasts.

Steaks and roasts from those sections of beef share things in common. A fair abundance of fat marbling and tenderness. An exception is Tenderloin Filet (Filet Mignon) which has very little fat but happens to be the most tender of all cuts of beef. As dry, high heat is absorbed, fat renders into the steak or roast creating its juiciness and buttery flavor.

Grilling and broiling are essentially the same dry high heat process except that grilling heats the meat from below while broiling heats from the top. It is described as direct heat. Pan-frying heats from the bottom as well but is indirect high heat since the heat is transferred from the bottom of the skillet to the steak. Most often dry heat only requires the steak to be turned once exposing heat to both sides of a steak.

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